A child is most intellectually absorbent during the first five years of life.  Preschool education is crucial to a child’s development and lessons learned now will serve them throughout their entire lives.   You are acutely aware of this responsibility and TicTacTeach is structured to support teachers – and allow you to do the things that have the greatest benefit for the children entrusted to you.  We all want the best for our students and we have developed all our resources with this single goal in mind.

The average preschool teacher in the US taking 10 hours a week to prepare is working, unpaid, for 500 hours per year.  We do it because we love it – we love our kids and we love our jobs. We understand this – and exist to support you in this important mission. Be free to indulge your passion for teaching and know we’ve always got your back with the most relevant, up-to-date resources and the strongest community of preschool teachers anywhere.

We help committed teachers free up their time to work. Preschool is an essential experience in every child’s development and their teachers should be focusing on delivering high-quality educational content, not searching high and low for relevant materials.
The TicTacTeach team has extensive experience as career preschool teachers, as well as policy makers for Government in education. We understand the system and how to navigate it. We get you, because we are you.
A preschool teacher’s mission extends far beyond merely filling the time we spend in the classroom. We always strive to deliver lessons that are educational, engaging and support a broad framework of learning. Accordingly, all information and resources offered on TicTacTeach are supported by extensive guidance and explanation.
As teachers, we’re all in this together. The TicTacTeach community is here to support your journey as a teacher and ensure you get the most out of our resources. Connect with our teaching team and other teachers around the country to seek new ideas and inspiration, get your questions answered by other teachers or help your colleagues as we all develop together. Work smarter, not harder.

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