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The most comprehensive guide to keep your preschoolers thrilled and engaged – all year long.

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Your Children – Endlessly Entertained.

Right Now and All Year Long.

You understand how hard it is to keep Preschool Kids interested in learning.

You have a decent repertoire of activities, songs and games.

You spend a lot of time coming up with new ideas and experiences for your children.

It’s an often thankless task.

You have sacrificed a lot to become a teacher, and every time you stay up late preparing activities for class.

But you could always use more.

As you know, kids grow tired of repetition.

This book contains the 50 most effective games from my 35-year career as a preschool educator.

Each game is accompanied by an explanation of its benefits, with full-color illustrations throughout.

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All these benefits and more:

  • 50 Free Games of various lengths and complexities

  • Get your children communicating and playing cooperatively

  • Accompanying explanations of the lessons and benefits of each game

  • Time-honored content that children are guaranteed to love

A Sneak Peek Inside the Book

Would you like 8 more benefits? Here you go:

  • Traditional, adapted and modern games that work for today’s kids.

  • Print it out and keep it as a handy reference – you’ll need it.

  • Spontaneous activities to make all time a learning experience, even if your plans go out the window.

  • Everything together in the one place – no more searching to find what you want!

  • Small groups, large groups, indoor and outdoor games.

  • Games for every situation, with a range of complexities and times.

  • Supports intentional teaching; covers many areas and skills.

  • A great resource for relief teachers and assistants; the best starting point to ascertain what kids know.

I’ve seen enough – I want my copy!

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