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Thank you for sharing our passion for high-quality early childhood education and taking the time to read about what we do at TicTacTeach.

Our affiliates are our business. We will always support you by delivering the highest quality products and customer support.

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The Problem:

Preschool teachers have a difficult professional life.

Not only are they daily confronted with the (tremendously rewarding) challenge of caring for a group of energetic youngsters, but they are required to prepare for and deliver high-quality lessons as they transition their children to school.

Early childhood educators are expected to undertake the bulk of their lesson planning and research in their own time and on an unpaid basis.

Our surveys indicate the average preschool teachers spends 10-12 hours per week preparing activities for class. Annualized, that’s at least 500 hours a year for which they are not being paid.

This leads to stress in their personal lives as they need to balance the needs of their class against the needs of their own children and families.

We love to teach, but unfortunately – the way things are now – sacrifice is inherent in the profession.


My Product: The TicTacTeach Total Teacher’s Toolkit (Launching December 16)

Every month, my subscribers receive an attractive package of teaching resources, inspiration and ideas catered to the specific time of year and progression level.

The toolkit includes everything a Preschool teacher requires to deliver high-quality lessons all month long, with no preparation required.

Relevant activities for important dates (e.g. Christmas, July 4th) and seasons are always included. The cost of a subscription is $39 per month or $390 billed annually, with a 30-day money back guarantee.

More information on the Toolkit is available here.


The Affiliate Offer:

As a valued affiliate, you will receive 50% of gross sales in the form of commission, paid monthly (net of any refunds).

On a per sale basis, this equates to:

  • $19.50 per month for each monthly subscription, and
  • $195 per annual subscription

We are using a WordPress affiliate plugin to enable you to login and view sales and commissions tracked by the software.


The Launch:

We are currently working with our affiliate partners towards a launch date of Wednesday 16 December.

The launch product will be the first month of resources (January 2016). We will provide a copy of the January product as soon as it is returned from our illustrators.

You can download a sample of the product (one week of resources) at this link.


Support for Affiliates:

In order to assist you to deliver the greatest value to your audience and get the most out of the TicTacTeach affiliate program, we have prepared a range of information and graphics that you can use in your own newsletters and campaigns.

These resources will be available (from 7 December) at:

If you require anything further please contact me directly and I will take care of it for you.

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