Backpacks for Kids

Choosing preschool backpacks ahead of the preschool year is exciting and can make children feel very grown up.

Over 35 years of preschool teaching I have seen a LOT of preschool backpacks to say the least!

Below you will find my most important tips for choosing a backpack for your pre-schoolers:

  •  It is very important to allow your child to have a say in the selection of their backpack and ensure they’re happy with the final decision.
  • Narrow the selection down to 2 or 3 for your child to choose from.
  • Try the backpack out and make sure your pre-schooler-to-be can use it all on their own. Zips can sometimes be tricky!
  • Children will feel a greater sense of ownership and respect for the backpack if they feel it expresses their personality.
  • Make sure the backpack is comfortable and well-adjusted to your child.
  • There needs to be enough room in the backpack for all of your child’s items to get them through a preschool day. For example: lunch, hat, water bottle, book and sweater. Please make sure it’s not too big or heavy!
  • A separate side pocket for a water bottle enables easy access.
  • A separate section for a change of clothes is easier for both the child and the teacher.
  • Check with your preschool to see if there are any restrictions; for example, appropriateness, uniformity or size.
  • Also consider (if relevant) locker size and make sure the backpack will fit, with room to spare in case other items also require storage.

I hope this helps!  If you have any other tips to share please email them through and I’ll be sure to add them to the list. I also have put together a check list for parents for what their child needs when starting preschool. 

I have included some suggested backpacks below that fulfill the criteria I’ve outlined. Just click the image if you’d like to view them on Amazon.

Backpacks for Kids infographic - TicTacTeach