Preschool Bulletin Boards: Eye Catching and Effective Communication Tool -

Preschool bulletin boards are a great way to communicate with parents about what is happening in the preschool and the community.

There is so much that you can do with a preschool bulletin board – get creative! You are the person who knows your children and parents best: you will know what type of information parents will be interested in, or need to know, and the most effective way of conveying this information to your specific group of parents.

I like to use a preschool bulletin board to provide fun updates, as well as reiterate any important policy changes or updates that have already been provided to parents.

A preschool bulletin board should be used with a different intention to that of a preschool newsletter.

If you would like to find out my tips on creating a newsletter that parents will actually read, please check out my article on the topic.


  1. In my experience, it’s a good idea to rotate the type of things that you display on your preschool bulletin board. This way, parents will always know to look out for something new and the changes will be obvious, even from a distance.
  2. Bulletin boards are often used as a conversation starter between parents and children at the end of the preschool day. The bulletin board can be an important tool to guide parents as to the questions to ask their child so they can hear all about their day.
  3. Have fun with it! Keep the board colorful and interesting.

My Favorite ideas to include on a Preschool Bulletin Board

The list of what you could include on your board is so long! Remember, though, that you will need to be constantly updating and trying new approaches – so there is no need to do everything at once.

Some of my favourite things to include on a bulletin board are:

  • A quote of the week from a child. Typically I use something that is quite cute or funny.
  • I like to have an ‘I wonder……’ section. There are two ways to use this section: either parents can write down questions they or their child have, or you can put up questions children have asked.
  • Display a policy.
  • Display a project you are working on as a class, or provide a status update.
  • Write up the lyrics to a song that the children have learned at preschool. In my experience, this is quite popular with parents as they can then sing-a-long with their child at home.
  • Photos: use only high quality photos and only photos of children for whom you have permission to display their image.
  • Recipes: ask parents to contribute a favorite recipe to share with the class.
  • Community news: If it is essential that parents know this information, then make sure you include it in the newsletter as well.

Bulletin Boards on Pinterest

I strongly suggest that you check out my Pinterest board on preschool bulletin boards to see some of the engaging boards that very clever teachers have put together. If you have any recommendations please let me know as I’d love that board to be a very comprehensive resource.


I hope you see bulletin boards as a helpful addition to your preschool classroom. The children usually like to get involved and make suggestions about what can be displayed.

If you have any suggestions or ideas you’d like to see on the list, please comment below. Otherwise, I’ll see you over on Pinterest!