How to write a great Preschool Newsletter

The preschool newsletter has always been, and remains, the most efficient way to inform your parents and the community about what’s happening in your preschool and the important aspects they need to know.

Content will differ at various times of the year.

One of the most important roles of the newsletter is to ensure parents have adequate warning for upcoming events. This helps them to allocate time and money.

I have created an example newsletter and template to make it very easy for you. It’s under $4 and will save you a lot of hassle:

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How do you create an effective preschool newsletter?

Here are my tips, from trial and error, for creating an effective newsletter for your preschool.

  • Keep the length to a maximum of 2 pages
  • Use colorful pictures (where possible) and engaging content
  • Make sure you have consent from parents if seeking to use images of children
  • Be concise – avoid big blocks of text. Too much information can be a bad thing as important messages get lost.
  • Structure – put the most important items up front
  • Use tables to sort information and make it clear for readers
  • Fonts – use clear fonts of at least 12 pt size (simple is better – don’t get too tricky!)
  • Use headings and spacing
  • Use bolding and underlining for emphasis
  • Make use of additional newsletters for events or important topical updates (for example, library news), rather than overwhelm parents with content by putting it all in the same newsletter
  • Write ‘Page 1 of 2’ on the first page,to ensure parents turn the newsletter over and read the second page.
  • Hand the newsletter to every parent yourself – most parents do not go through their children’s bags!

Now, here is my most important trick:

Staple a second page to your newsletter. It doesn’t matter what the second page is. It could be a promotion for an upcoming event, a copy of a policy or any other relevant information. This almost guarantees that parents will see all of the newsletter, even if the page numbering doesn’t work!

Digital newsletters

Digital versions of newsletters can be an advantage as parents will have a copy they can refer back to, without a risk of it being lost.

However, you can’t hand a digital newsletter to the parents physically so you never know for certain that they have seen it.

If you would like to get a copy of my newsletter template and example newsletter, click here:

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What do you like to include in your preschool newsletters?