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As Early Childhood Educators, part of our role is preparing children, and parents, for commencing preschool. This can be quite daunting for both parties as often it is the first time the child has spent extended periods of time in someone else’s care.

A key part of the orientation pack that I provide to parents includes a ‘Preschool Checklist’. This list typically serves to reassure parents that their children are prepared for preschool. It will need to be adapted to the specific requirements of your preschool but will generally cover the types of things that I have outlined below.

First Day of Preschool Checklist for parents:

  • Preschool backpack – you can see my detailed article on preschool backpacks here.
  • Hat – wide brimmed to provide adequate sun cover – Unless this is provided by your preschool
  • Sunblock– Unless this is provided by your preschool
  • Sweater
  • Water bottle that your child can open independently
  • Lunch box that your child is able to open independently
  • Change of clothes – please choose clothes that your child can manage on their own; for example, elasticized pants, etc.  Also provide clothes with sleeves, in case they go out into the sun.
  • Bedding (sheets, pillow, blanket, soft comfort toy) if required
  • Shoes that are supportive and comfortable – consider your preschool teacher and avoid lace-ups!
  • Socks – these are important to avoid unpleasant foot odor during rest time!
  • Specific items as requested by your preschool

All of the above items promote independence. Your child should be able to take care of their own clothes, put them on and remove them independently.

What else do you include on your preschool checklist that you give to parents?

Preschool Checklist for Parents - TicTacTeach