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Exposing children to the written word from an early age is essential to their success in later life. As we all would remember from our childhoods, the first stage to learning the alphabet is learning it by rote.

There are many different and effective ways of exposing preschool children to writing and reading skills – the most important thing is that you start. The actual letter characters won’t have any meaning to begin with but it’s so important to introduce this familiarity.

Exposing preschool children to the written word and their ABCs is great to do when you are out and about, as you are helping them to understand their environment more quickly.

I believe that doing this creates a strong foundation for reading and writing.

The most important element, in my opinion, is that this exposure is done in a fun way, not a structured or formal way where the children are being forced to learn.

Once a child has mastered their ABCs by rote, it is important to look at the letters individually. My preferred way to start is with the letters that are in the child’s name, or safety signs such as ‘stop’ and ‘walk’.

Foundational ABC Games for Preschool Children

I’ve listed some of my favorite ABC games that assist these foundations in a fun way below. If you’re interested in any, I’ve linked to the products on Amazon (just click on the picture).

Think Fun Zingo

This is an interactive game that is inviting for the children due to its hands on nature. This game caters for all abilities as it has both matching picture and matching word options, with clear pictures.  I like that it introduces the concepts of waiting and taking turns, as well as introducing the idea of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

My First ABC

This game requires observation, sorting and problem solving skills. It also encourages language and vocabulary expansion. As children become familiar with the game, I like to give them the responsibility of leading the questions.

This game can be played within a small group or in pairs.

Alphabet Fishing Game

I like this game as it uses individual letters for children to focus on. It’s bright and colorful, which is great for engaging the children. This game develops turn taking skills, eye /hand coordination, and strengthens finger and hand muscles for fine motor control.

Alphabet Lotto

This game is ideal for developing letter recognition. Played individually or in a small group to introduce the concept of turn taking, it caters for various abilities as it has both pictures and letters. This is a game that can be played independently without adult assistance.

With cute, clear and engaging images, it also introduces numbers and blends.

Alphabet Puzzle

I like to use this puzzle to help develop visual discrimination skills. It gives children the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the shape of letters.

This puzzle develops skills in matching, independent play and eye /hand coordination.

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I’d love to hear what ABC games you enjoy playing with your preschool children and the benefits they have. Leave a comment below!